Sue with Brunswick and Oakley

Sue Bridger and her dogs

Sue Bridger is an energetic, animal lover who has followed her true calling making sure dogs have the best life they can and owners have peace of mind while they are working, away for the evening, away for the weekend or on their two week holiday or longer.

Sue believes dogs should be in your home, in your car, in your bed, under your bed, in your kitchen, in your life! When dogs sleep over they stay where they stay at home - they are part of the family - and yes, they are allowed on the couch - Club Canine was the first dog business in town and is the Ritz of dog care.

Sue and her husband Scott do not believe in single cell kennels for boarding. Here your dogs sleep wherever they sleep at home - to make your dog as comfortable as can be away from home.

Dogs who come to Club Canine will learn manners, confidence, and will have a healthier, happier life - just what every dog deserves - after all they are man's best friend ... and Sue's!

Some of the features of Club Canine:

  • Been in business since 1998
  • No leashes; hikes walks, exploring fields, creek crawling and swimming
  • Love big dogs
  • Best safety record
  • Lowest number of dogs for more individual attention and less stress for your dog
  • All dogs are non-aggressive, spayed, neutered and vaccinated (gradual accepted)
  • Safe for socialization; puppies, fearful dogs, abused dogs etc.
  • Licensed
  • Double gated entry for safety in the yard
  • Treats, hugs and fresh water in abundance